Intel at 50: Historic Photos

As Intel counts down to its 50th anniversary on July 18, 2018, it will share photos from its history. They show the company’s first years, its growth and how its products change lives worldwide.

Return regularly to the Intel Newsroom as more photos are added every few weeks. Intel will also share stories about its first 50 years as the golden anniversary nears.

To track Intel’s progress toward the 50th anniversary on social media, follow the WeAreIntel Twitter account.

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Intel 50 FireIntel 50 1st employees 2Intel 50 Bunny suits 2Intel 50 Busicom 2Intel 50 Wrinkles 2
  • Fire destroyed Intel’s assembly plant in Penang, Malaysia, in 19
  • An Intel archive photo shows Intel’s first 106 employees, includ
  • An Intel archive photo shows an early generation of bunny suits
  • Intel-50-Busicom
  • An Intel archive photo shows Wrinkles, which was manufactured in

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